5 Festive Season Marketing Ideas For Fully Furnished Office Spaces In Noida

If you are a co-working space owner then you’ve got to buck up as the festive season is here, that calls marketing your space in the best way possible. Attract freelancers, entrepreneurs, startup and professionals from all walks of life to your fully furnished office spaces in Noida with these festive season marketing ideas. From offering attractive deals to giveaways, we have 5 ideas that you implement to keep new members coming in even during times of Navratri, Diwali and other festivities of the season.

1. Discount Offers

Nothing attracts new members than discounted festive deals – what’s better than discounts on membership plans, be it a private office space or a hot desk. Remember even a slight amount of discount makes a difference. Advertise the discounted deals on all your social media platforms to get more exposure.

festive season offers on coworking space

2. Festive Networking Events

One rule that remains crucial to co-working spaces is organizing networking events. We highly recommend hosting virtual networking events relevant to festivities. Pick a day or week away from respective festivities to celebrate as members will be free during this time. Allow a visitor per member so you can also get exposure to a new audience. Organize a fun zoom meeting involving online games and more. You can also host formal networking events where members can find their prospective partners/clients that can help them crack better deals this Diwali season.

virtual networking events

3. Freebies

Everybody enjoys freebies and gifts if your budget isn’t limited and you’re up for spending  a certain amount then we recommend celebrating the season by giving away small gifts to your coworking community. You can also giveaway customized merchandise to advertise your coworking space further. You can also partner with any of the existing members who involved in the gifting business for discounted deals on products.gifts received after joining a coworking space

4. Business Marketing Workshops

Helping members grow professionally is another gift that you can giveaway to your growing community. Organize free business marketing workshops based on selling a service or product during the festive season as it will definitely grab the attention of a lot of members. If you’re planning to host a virtual one then you can also allow a limited amount of visitors too.

marketing events

5. A Weekly Trial Period

Another way to attract new members to your coworking space in Noida near metro station is to offer a weekly trial period instead of a single day. Usually, most of the coworking spaces offer only a single day as a trial period to explore the workspace completely. We suggest that you extend the trial period to a week only for the festive season.

trial offers for a coworking space

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