5 Tips On How To Design Your Fully Furnished Office Space In Noida

Your coworking space’s design is a critical determinant of the level of productivity, collaboration and efficiency in your workspace. It, therefore, becomes essential to create a flexible workspace that sparks creativity, motivates and inspires. Some features to surely consider while designing an ideal fully furnished office space in Noida are mentioned below-

1. Optimise Space

Since coworking spaces are not conventionally overly spacious, create an environment which makes people feel comfortable and which caters to their sense of privacy despite working in close proximity with each other. Be sure to select a space with features such as high ceilings, retractable walls, stackable chairs, and tables on wheels. These elements create a sense of openness within the area and offer space for storage as well.

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2. Lighting

Prioritize distribution of light throughout the space to make every area appealing and bright. Glass walls with the addition of privacy films are a great option as they encourage privacy between various work stations. Explore the wide range of lighting from LEDs and hanging lights to table lamps and track lights. Leveraging natural sunlight is also an essential consideration when it comes to designing the space.


3. Cater To Technology Needs

Ensure that network connectivity within the space is at its optimal. Offer both – a hardwired connection as well as fast WiFi. Be sure that the area has an adequate number of outlets to extend maximum convenience to the employees. It’s essential to keep these aspects in mind as individuals also


4. Floor Plan

The provision of a courtyard with an open coworking area as your central hub creates a sense of vibrancy. Such an open floor plan makes way for flexibility and simplicity when it comes to scaling. The element of flexibility in the workspace should be executed thoughtfully otherwise the possibility for clutter may arise.

fully furnished office space in noida

5. Focus on meeting spaces

Floor space, privacy, and an appropriate degree of formality are the three basic considerations while designing a meeting spaces in Noida. Additionally, consider the trajectory of the guests as this will determine the ease of movement within the space. It is up to you to decide whether the employees will prefer a long-table, corporate-style meeting space or a lounge-style one. Regardless, it becomes essential to incorporate technological equipment such as video conferencing devices, monitors for presentation, projectors, etc. in the space so as to cater to the functionality of the room.

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