5 Tips To Safely Reopen Coworking Spaces

As lockdown restrictions start to ease, coworking spaces have started reopening but we’ve got to admit that things can’t just go back to pre-COVID times when there was no ‘social distancing’, mandatory use of masks and protective gear. They need to step up and make their workspace ready for the new normal with strict safety and hygiene protocols to ensure that your community stays COVID-Safe and healthy. Here are 5 ways to reopen your co-working space safely:

1. Frequent Disinfection

In the past, cleaning the workspace was just about mopping and dusting but now it’s more laborious. Before reopening, the entire building should be disinfected including the workstations, lifts, railings, glasses, door handles, and other commonly used surfaces. Even after reopening, frequent rounds of disinfection should be done to maintain the hygiene standard. It is better to keep disposable alcohol wipes around the office space for members to ensure that shared equipment and commonly used surfaces can be cleaned every once in a while. Consider adding personal hygiene essentials such as paper towels, face masks, hand sanitizers, gloves for the staff, members, and visitors.

covid disinfection

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2.Bringing Technology To The Forefront

Co-working spaces should adopt technology to their benefit to stay strong even during crisis times. Many companies are using in house health apps or the Aarogya Setu app to keep track of infection spread. T using automatic door openers, smart lighting, and faucets, online check-ins, cashless payments, etc. People are even bringing forward new tech-based products to provide a safe working environment such as UVC Disinfection Lighting which is claimed to inactivate the COVID-19 virus. It has to be switched on half an hour before members start entering the coworking space and should be turned out when all members exit. Also, Hepa air purifiers can be used to clean the air.

aarogya setu app

3. Physical Distancing

It is important to redesign co-working spaces keeping physical distancing in mind. Workstations should be designed in a way that each person maintains a six feet distance from each other. Further, the number of people using the lift (if any) should also be limited. Other steps can include marking the floor to prevent crowded hallways or we would suggest providing the members with one-way hallways, if possible. It is better to avoid large meetings and put a cap on the number of members allowed inside the workspace at a particular time.

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4. Mobilize Support

Many members will be apprehensive of returning to the workspace due to the Coronavirus outbreak. We recommend taking suggestions from the coworking community on how to make the workspace safer and tell them about your efforts implemented towards this. It is important to bring solidarity through effective communication between the members and the owner as a safe reopening is a shared responsibility.

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5. Other Important Safety Measures

Daily thermal checking should be made mandatory before entering the office. A disinfectant tunnel can be installed at the entrance of the coworking space. Wearing masks should be compulsory and the workspace must have it in stock if anyone needs one. It is of utmost importance that the owner and the members take responsibility for ensuring the well-being of each other.

Thermal Temperature check in offices

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