5 Ways To Engage Your Coworking Community & Attract More Members During Christmas

Distractions are at its peak during the holiday season and we’re sure your coworking members are leaving their workstations sooner or are way too involved with last-month meetings and partnerships. This is the time you show your coworking community how much you care about them while helping them stay engaged even in a merry mood. Here are a few ideas you can implement to keep them motivated, and engaged even during the Christmas season:

1.Discounted Membership Plans & Benefits

Festive times gives us the best opportunity to bring exposure to our coworking space. It’s the best time to run advertisements on social media platforms with discounted deals on different membership plans. Many members are planning to renew their memberships while some are on the lookout for new coworking spaces in Noida or Gk. So here’s your opportunity to come in the limelight. Introduce festive offers or discounts on your membership plans with a few in-house benefits to attract new members and make the old members renew their memberships.

discounted membership plans during the holiday season

2. The All-Time Famous: Secret Santa

Host a secret Santa event at your coworking space, use this tradition as an opportunity to help your members bond with each other better as every member is involved. You can either allot each member an individual to give gifts to or you can conduct a random draw-out session which includes chits with every member’s name. Secret Santa can be a great networking alternative for individuals who haven’t interacted with each other enough. It’s a great start to help members interact with each other because they never know they might turn out to be a secret Santa for their potential client, customer or partner.

secret santa in coworking spaces

3. The Decor Matters

Use festivity as a reason to motivate your fellow members by putting up holiday decorations all around the coworking space so even if members are showing up every day during the holiday season, they are reminded to work hard but enjoy the good vibes around them as well. This season, put up a Christmas tree at the entry, you can also use that corner for members to keep all ‘secret Santa’ gifts. Let the members volunteer or decorate the tree itself if they wish to. Every activity should help your members feel engaged with other members through these sweet little festive activities. A happy environment surely keeps its members motivated even during heavy-duty call days.


4. Virtual Christmas Party

Having a Christmas party might not be an ideal thing to host during an on-going pandemic but hosting a virtual one can be a great idea. Create a quirky e-invite for all members and host a virtual Christmas party. This opportunity can also be used to introduce all members to each other so they can network easily and discover multiple opportunities together. You can host games like Bingo, Christmas Movie Charades, Quizzes etc.

virtual christmas party

5. An Ugly-Sweater Day

For the coworking members coming into the workspace frequently, you can host an “Ugly-Sweater” day, it’s an old tradition where individuals wear their tackiest holiday-themed sweater. Inform the members in advance and host this day anytime during the Christmas week.

ugly sweater party

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