Revamp Your Coworking Space & Plans With These 5 Trends That Will Thrive in 2021

Coworking spaces here to stay even in the long run, thanks to the kind of flexibility they provide in terms of workstations, plans, layout, etc. The pandemic has also made several employees shift to coworking spaces when it comes to remote work while organizations are planning to opt-out of the traditional office lease concept and are transitioning to shared office spaces as they provide flexible workstations, membership plans and not-so-rigid traditional layout. To keep your coworking community intact here are 5 trends you need to keep an eye on that will help you thrive in 2021:

1.A Rise In Demand

These uncertain times have made organizations sceptical about buying office space on lease, they would rather spend the same over a coworking space as the changing dynamics reflects how times can change over time. Hence coworking spaces offer membership plans, amenities and reduce overhead costs with cost-effective deals. This eventually leads to a rise of demand among corporates, SMEs, startups and MSMEs.coworking spaces

2.Build A Brand Image

With the rise of demand, you need to consistently work on the brand image of your coworking space. Introduce high-quality amenities, practice strict safety standards, virtual events, etc, to boost your brand image. Ask for feedback, post your testimonials on social media. Build a positive brand image to attract more members to your coworking community. A good example has been demonstrated by ‘WeWork’ when we talk about a positive brand image.

coworking branding

3.Catering To A Diverse Community

Coworking spaces should be focusing on broadening their target audience to a more diverse crowd. They can start by introducing female-only spaces, coworking for parents, hacker spaces, workspaces designed for senior management, environment-friendly workspaces, etc. The idea is to target a broader audience to create a diverse and inclusive community within your coworking space as the diverse it gets, better networking takes place eventually leads to greater revenue generation.

diversity in office

4. Keeping The Networking Intact

As work from home is here to stay, the majority of the workforce feels like they have lost the human need to connect while working remotely all of these months. Hence, coworking spaces allow them to interact with other individuals and keep their networking going even when not working from their traditional office space. Hence, we highly recommend that you keep the networking events going from time to time with strict safety standards to keep the human connect alive.

networking in a coworking space

5. Focusing On Member’s Health & Safety

The pandemic has made each one of us finicky about the surroundings we work or stay in so ensure that your coworking spaces are well-being centered with high safety and hygiene standards. You also enhance their experience with ergonomic furniture, in-house gyms, break-out areas, etc.coworking safety in office

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