Tips To Stay Safe From Covid-19 When Working In A Fully Furnished Managed Office Space In Noida

Coworking spaces are already doing enough to keep space and surrounding disinfected while ensuring they are equipped with every hygiene product needed to stay safe from COVID-19. It’s time for us individuals to become a part of this shared responsibility by taking certain safety measures on our personal level. Here are a few steps to begin with:

1. Carry Your Own Hygiene Essentials

First things first, remember to wear a mask when walking around the office environment and always keep a pocket-sized hand sanitizer with yourself. Not every corner of a coworking space will be equipped with one. Make sure you use it every time you come in contact with a commonly touched surface and before/after eating. We also recommend carrying disinfectant wipes in case they are not available in your managed office space in Noida.

personal hygiene during covid19

2. Social Distancing Is The Need Of The Hour

After hygiene essentials, the second most crucial norm that you’ve got to follow to stay safe from Covid-19 that is maintaining social distancing at all times. Be it a restaurant or a fully furnished office space in Noida – keep a distance from every member. We can’t emphasize more on its importance as it prevents you from getting cross-contaminated, we all are aware that a great number of patients are asymptomatic that endangers our health more. So ensure you always maintain social distancing at all times.

social distancing

3. Switch To Virtual Meetings

In some cases, it might not avoidable but we suggest organizing virtual meetings at all times. Despite having thermal screening set up at coworking spaces, it’s difficult to identify a person with COVID-19 without a valid test. Hence, avoiding in-person meetings is highly recommended, if not avoidable, social distancing should be maintained at all costs. Moreover, we suggest that every member included in the meeting should carry their own stationery items instead of sharing.

virtual meetings

4. Avoid Touching Your Face

Any sense organs like Eyes, Face, Nose is very vulnerable to the virus, so ensure that you avoid touching them with your hands. Coronavirus can be easily transmitted from an infected hand further leading to transmission inside our body. Keep hand hygiene a priority, wash or sanitize your hands properly before touching your face.

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5. Stay Home, If Unwell

If you are experiencing any of the COVID-19 symptoms, stay home, and consult a doctor as soon as possible. Staying safe from Coronavirus is a shared responsibility, by staying home you’re not only helping yourself but also stopping a potential spread of the virus in the coworking community. Remember to not take any medicine without a doctor’s prescription.

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